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Once known as Survivor The Gifted, Now called Sarid Dvn. My Misson is to spread the love of God and win souls for his kingdom, The Scripture  Ephesians 4:2 says : “Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love." For Sarid Dvn it all began in his Hometown. without knowing the plan God had for him, he shyed away from his purpose until reality struck. Sarid Dvn Stands as a role Model to many today as he defied the Odds and made his mark in the Gospel Music Industry and has ranked number 1 on the Reverb Nation, Now Signed and Managed by Rebirth Public Relations Agency Sarid Dvn is now ready to hit the world by storm sharing Gods Love and winning souls for the Kingdom.. His music can be found on Spotify, Itunes, Amazon Music and much more.

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Like many first-born sons…

I bear my father’s Christian name as my own and of course, his surname. It is my middle name ‘Junior’ which distinguishes me from my father, so you know that he is the senior Donovan Grant, Daddy.

It was always one of his desires for me that I become a singer or musician and my mother, Icelyn ‘Angella’ Mullings, a fellow music lover also shared in this dream. My extended family had already produced several musicians and vocalists, most of whom are performers of secular music. I had the influence, the support and my own burning desire to ‘voice out’ and a God-given talent to put words together to flow as song lyrics.

My first performances were at church, which I attended with my grandmother. But my preferred platform was at entertainment events such as concerts, talent shows throughout my years of schooling at Elderslie All Age (later, the Elderslie Primary & Junior High School) and Maggotty High School, in St. Elizabeth, the parish of my birth.


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