Sarid DVN
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Sarid Enterprise is the umbrella name for my group of businesses. 

Presently  we  are pushing  two  of  the  business,  the  record  label, Sarid  Records Inc. and  the Clothing Line, SARID,  with tag  line “THE  LAST  TO  STAND”. Engraved at the back is Survivor which is English for Sarid. On the caps survivor is engraved at the side for clear identification.

Everything  all  started  out  from  my  unfathomable but real  testimony of  my  near  death  encounter and how the good  Lord helped  me  to  overcome. Through that experience I received the name   “Survivor” and  a former  music  Producer  who once  produced me  added  “The  Gifted”  to  the  name. Hence I was known as “Survivor The Gifted” 

A  few  years  ago  the  good  Lord Jehovah helped  me  to  meet   this  beautiful  daughter of  His, Juel Cranston who is now my  wife Juel  Grant. She  had  told  me  that  the  meaning  of the name  Survivor  in  the  Hebrew language is “ SARID” 

After  we  got  married  in my  country  Jamaica  I migrated  to  St. Kitts, her country.  In the first year of my marriage it seemed as if my career  wasn’t  moving  according  to  the plans I  had for my ministry. During that same period I desired to release a song that would speak to the perilous times we are living in, so I contacted known producers to make me rhythm for the song I had in mind. Then after receiving the rhythm I was wondering which producer to contact to have the song released on their label. It was like a voice said to me ‘’ your label”, but I said to myself I have no label. Then I heard the voice again repeating ‘’your label”. Then the voice started to explain to me this is how you’re going to have a testimony. Now is when God wants to work, at this low point in your life when you have nothing not when you have millions. And right there I received strength boosting my faith, then it dawned on me; but I knew it was the Spirit of the Almighty God that told me to rebrand. I was moved to go on a seven Sabbath fast and I obeyed the voice of God.

The first thing that came to me as I was engaging in the fast was to make a name change.  Survivor The Gifted would now be known as Sarid Dvn. Then the idea of an Enterprise came up to have my own record label and my already existing clothing line under one umbrella “Sarid Enterprise”,  also with the expectation of expanding into other businesses.

Sarid Enterprise is founded on the harvesting of souls for the kingdom of God. Sarid which bears the meaning Survivor shows how God through His infinite mercies towards me helped me to survive tragedy. Almost tasting death, from a state of being crippled, brain damaged, dumb and demon possessed, now totally healed  It’s  all  about  telling  the  good  news  to  this dying  world  that  God  is  all  powerful and mighty, He is the healer and He has a kingdom prepared for those who fear Him and keep His Commandments.